Ultra High Speed Broadband Connectivity

Achieving ultra fast internet speed has always been an aspiration for many of the giant countries. It can be said that those aspiring countries have almost close to their objective by initiating a plan of building a three hundred million dollar worth underwater cable under the pacific

See Your Favorite Film In The Curved Screen Television

The Modern TV: Watching films are becoming more entertaining nowadays for many people and most of us like to watch their favorite films in the theater. This is because of the wide screen and the natural sound effects in it and this cost of watching the movie

Intelligent Helicopters – Remarkable Achievement Made In the Technological Inventions

Scientists at Stanford has designed an artificial intelligence system which permits robotic helicopters to educate themselves to fly complicated stunts by observing other helicopter performance that carry out the similar maneuvers. It can outcome in development of autonomous helicopter which can do a complete air show of


Bluetooth speakers are the new way the world listens to music. Gone are the days when you used to use your laptop speakers or your phone speakers to play music or watch YouTube video. Bluetooth speakers can connect to any device in any place and make music


One may not even think living without gadgets these days. They have become an inseparable part of our lives and we look forward and have become so dependent on them. They go with us, entertain and inform us, update and assist in our work, track and manage

Indulge In Playing Zombie Commando- A Unique Arcade Game

Zombie Commando is one of the most popular arcade games and it comes without in-app purchases. However, it would be better if it comes with in-app purchases as with the existing structure, it is grinding. The premises of Zombie Commando are similar to many other premises and

Smart Tips to Extend Iphone Battery Life

Now one may not dream a life without a Smartphone. It has become an essential part of day to day life of majority of human beings. While an iphone is a premium Smartphone with amazing features but again the battery life becomes a prime concern for many.

Monitoring Vital Signals through a Disposable Band Aid

Doctors and health care professionals will soon be able to monitor the vital signs of any patient through a band aid. The electrical engineers at the Oregan State University have created a new technology to observe the essential signs of a medical body with sophisticated sensors that

Get Immersed With the Information on Infinity Tower- Invisible Skyscraper

We see various competitions all over the world especially when it comes to construction big and tall buildings. In the past two decades, the number of skyscrapers has been increasing all around the world such as from PETRONAS Towers in Malaysia Burj Khalifa in the United Arab

3-Dimensional Computer Processor Designed By Eby Friedman

Scientists at university of Rochesterb have designed 3 dimensional processor. These kinds of processors are based upon 3 dimensional circuits in opposing to 2-dimensional circuits of these days. This can be declared as the next major astonishing advancements made in the computer processors technology. The recent 3-D

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