Most of the people like to take their favorite pictures on the phone or in their digital cameras. When the photos are taken with the digital cameras the resolution is bigger than the phone so it is very clear to view them. Nowadays, many people started to use the Android smart phones as there are many new features available in the apps than any other OS. There are more than 930,000 free apps available in the Google Play store so it is easy to download any of them from the Google store. The downloading and installing of the apps is also very easy, so many people like to use most advanced apps that are available in the Google store. One of the best apps for taking the camera is the HD camera app for the android mobiles.

The HD Camera App:
This is the highly advanced apps, so many download it from their smart phones and in tablets to take the pictures in the HD quality and this works only in the Android operating system. The apps are only useful only in the HD camera that is inbuilt in the phone so it is easier to take the picture exactly. The snaps are taken quickly with the videos in a higher resolution. The app is highly advanced with many new features that your phone doesn’t have. There are many advantages for using this app over the ordinary phone camera. There is also an opportunity for you to preset the settings for the image in the camera. The good quality of the pictures can be adjusted in any of the resolution so it will be easier to adjust the quality of the images for the pictures or for the videos.

Key Features of the App:
There are many features available in this app as it will be easy to snap the camera and to take videos with the help of the app. There are three modes available in the app like camera, video recorder and panorama so taking the snapshots from any angle is very easy. The app also provides the one pinch to zoom the images. The smart panorama shooting is also available in the camera HD with the countdown timer. The countdown timer is used to set the time for taking the photos.  The dynamic user interface is used in the app for adjusting the HD resolution of the camera. The wide screen pictures of the camera are based on the resolution of the camera as it can cover a wide area when the picture is taken. You can also adjust the picture quality setting, white balance setting of the camera through this app as the Pro version of the photos can also be taken with this app. The white balance settings have many options for the pictures like auto, incandescent, fluorescent, daylight, cloudy and many others. The screen mode settings are also enabled with the action, night, play and sunset settings can be done. The location targeting can also be easily done with the options for the camera with the configurable volume keys.