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Smart Tips to Extend Iphone Battery Life

Now one may not dream a life without a Smartphone. It has become an essential part of day to day life of majority of human beings. While an iphone is a premium Smartphone with amazing features but again the battery life becomes a prime concern for many.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung galaxy S5 is a super phone of 2014. This super smart phone features bright big screen, Oodles of power along with brilliant camera and much more. Galaxy smart phones are known for their grandness in terms of screen, software tricks and many others which leads to

Nokia Lumia 720

The Nokia Lumia 720 is a device of Windows Phone 8 manufactured by Nokia. The smart phone was launched at the Mobile World Congress in 2013. The phone features quite good range of back covers which allows the users to customize the look of their phone which adds to its

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