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Intelligent Helicopters – Remarkable Achievement Made In the Technological Inventions

Scientists at Stanford has designed an artificial intelligence system which permits robotic helicopters to educate themselves to fly complicated stunts by observing other helicopter performance that carry out the similar maneuvers. It can outcome in development of autonomous helicopter which can do a complete air show of


Bluetooth speakers are the new way the world listens to music. Gone are the days when you used to use your laptop speakers or your phone speakers to play music or watch YouTube video. Bluetooth speakers can connect to any device in any place and make music

Firefox Google Plugin

Benefits of Firefox Google Plugin Firefox and Google are two of the most functional and popular web browsers these days. They offer many valuable features and benefits to a lot of people who are browsing the web. In today’s modern world, individuals have been relying on the

Store Passwords and Other Info with iCloud KeyChain

Cloud storage is not just about remotely storing your files and syncing them up to all of your devices. Apple’s new iCloud KeyChain now allows you to store all of your essential usernames, passwords, Wi-Fi details, and credit card info, as encrypted files. These can then be

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung galaxy S5 is a super phone of 2014. This super smart phone features bright big screen, Oodles of power along with brilliant camera and much more. Galaxy smart phones are known for their grandness in terms of screen, software tricks and many others which leads to

Nokia Lumia 720

The Nokia Lumia 720 is a device of Windows Phone 8 manufactured by Nokia. The smart phone was launched at the Mobile World Congress in 2013. The phone features quite good range of back covers which allows the users to customize the look of their phone which adds to its

Google Nexus 7

Google has announced their new crown jewel device the second generation Android Nexus tablet. The Google Nexus 7 is all new tablet loaded with Google’s Android operating system. This portable device is engineered and designed with a Taiwan based technology company, Asus. This handset also features voice calling feature

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