Zombie CommandoZombie Commando is one of the most popular arcade games and it comes without in-app purchases. However, it would be better if it comes with in-app purchases as with the existing structure, it is grinding. The premises of Zombie Commando are similar to many other premises and this kill wave upon the wave of zombies. By playing this game, the players can enjoy the control of a crew of zombie killers across 50 missions at the same time. The appearance of Zombie Commando game resembles like candy to those pixel art fanatics. Even though it is colorful, the vision is not detailed in particular and this is because of zoomed out perspective of the game. This allows tons of zombies appearing on the screen at one time.

About Gaming Control:

Thank god! It is easy to manage the commandos and take them out. All you need to do is just move with your joystick in order to move the entire group. You should do it with the ability of selecting a single one to concentrate on and rest of the firing will be done automatically. Each commando will be going into their perfect position having their physical bruisers open and long distance units remaining in the back position. As a matter of the fact, getting every commando into the ideal position can be a daunting task as there is no control over each commando. However, the game has tried to be at least intelligent.

Various Missions of the Game:

The missions of the game have slight variations as some commando involves killing all zombies, a few of them involve rescuing the humans whereas others involve in building it from checkpoint to checkpoint. But there is a general theme of killing the zombies. The worst mission of this game is the escort mission because it is not programmed well. The escort missions of Zombie commando committed the sin of being terribly slow while humans are just moving in the set path at a faster pace saying that “we are in the middle of zombie disasters. There can be some good option to fight against zombies when they suddenly spawn and swarmed the target.

About 3-Star Units:

Even though the game does not facilitate in-app purchases, the players would not feel about it because of 3 star units included in the game play. This 3-star unit has more influential stars but they are really expensive. In a conventional game, the player should have the ability of purchasing more in-game case for getting these powerful units. If you need not buy cash to get money, the previous missions should be grinded to get upgrades. However, it is not necessary to buy upgrades but if you do not do so, you may feel that you are not as powerful as required. On the other hand, if you have ability of buying cash, you can easily alleviate this frustration as you could get perfect set of long range units and tanks. The only cons of this game are that it does move very slowly and thus if the game would move much faster, it would be more exciting for the players.