1Everyone is today’s world look for different ways to entertain themselves with whatever means they may find. Since morning our life whether we are a student, professional or whatever way starts with a run and we can keep ourselves busy in the race of life. Very few are blessed where they have a perfect balance and get plenty of time to enjoy and live their passion and do whatever they intend to do to make them happy. As humans we all look for alternative means which can offer us smiles and relax our mind and body. Now, if I have to ask you what is the most popular form of any activity which everyone likes and offers you a great relaxation and I may vouch the reply unanimously would be the word “Music”. Yes, music is no doubt one of the best forms of calming our mind and reenergising our body and soul. This for a reason it is said Music has no language and has no barriers which can restrict it. It is like a wave in the ocean which flows freely unconditionally and with no boundaries.

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