UntitledTrying to convert MOV files into other formats can be tricky, but the Movavi Video Converter goes a long way towards simplifying the process. Before looking at what this software is capable of however, the first thing you should know is why you might need to convert your MOV files.

 “What is MOV?”

As the name implies, MOV is short for movie and it is a file format Apple introduced for Mac. More specifically it was designed for QuickTime videos and for a long time was a very popular file format among Mac users. However PC users have always had issues with MOV files, and often have had to download QuickTime just to view videos in this format. Similarly, nowadays mobile devices have issues too.

Tons of Conversion Options

Armed with the Movavi Video Converter, you’ll find that there is an extensive array of conversion options at your fingertips. Among the formats that you can convert your AVI files into are AVI, MP4, MPG, AVCHD, and many others.

While advanced users have the option of tweaking the settings as and how they see fit, even beginners will be able to effectively convert MOV files using some of the presets that are provided. In that way, it is easy to convert the MOV files optimally, and without requiring any technical knowledge.

Before, during, or even after you convert the files you can use the video converter to also perform minor edits, extract the audio track, and even convert large numbers of files as batch processes.

Once you take a look at the MOV converter yourself, you’ll begin to see just how rich it is in features. Granted you may not require all of those features right this very instant, but it is always good to have them around for if or when you do.

At the end of the day, the Movavi Video Converter is certainly one of the best in its class, and should easily live up to and exceed your expectations. Chances are you’ll wonder how you ever managed to get by without it.