Driverless CarThe technology is improving a lot and it reduces the work of man. This also reduces the stress for working. There is a wide growth in the automobile industry as every year there were new designs of cars are introduced by many companies. There are many types of cars available like Luxury, Sports, Large, Midsize and many other classifications are made. With this improved technology now all the companies are competing in making the driverless car or the self-driving car. These types of cars are also called as the robot car and it is one of the top modern transportation. The car fulfills all the transportation capabilities of the traditional car so it is very easy to drive this autonomous vehicle. These types of cars have many facilities apart from the ordinary cars to make the car move automatically without anyone controlling it. This car can only be moved with the help of the GPS technology from the internet as without GPS, the position of the car are unknown.

Controlling The Vehicle:

These types of cars are fully automated and there will be an emergency driving system of the car. The adaptive cruise control is used with the advanced braking system. The car can also be controlled by the cede control for the safety-critical functions. The car also has the parking functions so that it would be very easy to reduce the stress for the parking the car. There will be a communication between the cars so it drives automatically. The driver has to choose the destination and the path for driving so this also decreases the stress of driving them on the heavy traffic road. The sensory inputs in the cars plays an important role as it will be easy to enter the inputs with the road safety techniques. Most people like these kind of cars, as there is no need for driving them even in the populated zones. The speed of the cars reduces rapidly in the heavy traffic and increases in the traffic less areas.

The Advantages Of The Self-Driving Car:

There are many advantages while using this type of car in the future as there will be Fewer traffic collisions because of the increased reliability in the autonomous system of the car. The faster reaction time of the car when compared to human drivers are more with the safe driving. The traffic congestion is reduced by the increased roadway capacity. It is also very easy to manage the traffic flow in the road. Relief of the vehicle occupants on the navigation chores. Higher speed limits for the autonomous cars and it will be safe for driving the car at the top speed even in the road. Elimination of the redundant passengers, so the speed of the car is maintained. There will not be in need of the traffic police or the vehicle insurance. The Smoother ride is one of the main advantages of the vehicle. The reduction in car theft because of the vehicle’s self-awareness.