phone BatteryNow one may not dream a life without a Smartphone. It has become an essential part of day to day life of majority of human beings. While an iphone is a premium Smartphone with amazing features but again the battery life becomes a prime concern for many. Though the phone comes with good standby time however the battery drains out quickly with more and more usage of applications and features. All you need is at least a day of your iphone operation without getting to worry to charge it. So here are few simple tips that you may try out as per your requirement and suitability to enjoy your Smartphone experience.

1. Use Auto-Brightness Mode

Iphone comes inbuilt with ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen depending upon the light around it which saves battery as well it is easier to view and read on the screen. Still we recommend turn Auto-brightness ON as it will save your phones battery and it will use less power in dark places.

2. Reduce Screen Brightness

You can control the brightness of your iphone screen using this brightness slider option. Less the brightness of your phone, the longer the battery life.

3. Disable Notifications/Features

Except for the important ones you may disable several other notifications which you may not need all the time and your phone displaying notifications all the time. You can go to Settings > Notification Center, Scroll down to Include and Do Not Include, a tap a given category ( Phone, Messages, Reminders) or apps (Facebook, Twitter, News etc,) and choose the ones which are extremely important for you. The less the notifications, the better is battery life of your phone. You may use Facebook and Twitter manually few times a day rather than being continuously logged in which is a major battery eater.

Turn your Bluetooth Off as it consumes battery all the time. You may need at the time of using wireless headset or transmitting data wirelessly. Use Bluetooth option only when you require it. Settings > Bluetooth > Move slider to Off/On.

Another thing that consumes your iphone battery is your Wi-Fi Off feature ON. These days Wi-Fi has been an important feature for everyone. One may switch it off when not in use and thus saving a majority of your battery time. Settings > Wi-Fi > Slider to off

Turn off your Location services if not required. Majority of the users use location services to get to know where they are and which place they have checked in. It consumes a lot of your battery power unnecessarily as the GPS continuously keeps using the battery. Settings > Privacy > Location Services> Tap On/Off

Network signal Strength

If you travel a lot and spend a lot of time in areas where the connectivity is poor and the reception is low your iphone continuously keeps searching for stronger network. It drains your battery very fast however in this case you have not much of options either carry a charger or if you do not require access to your phone use Airplane mode during that time to save on your phone battery life.

Battery case or an add- on battery

One may choose an add-on battery or a battery case offered by various manufacturers. It is a phone case with a hardware enclosure for an additional battery which offers an extended life to your Iphone.

You may choose any or all of them as per your specific understanding and requirement and enjoy your iphone experience. We will keep sharing smart tips and tricks to boost your Smartphone’s battery power last longer.