gadgetsOne may not even think living without gadgets these days. They have become an inseparable part of our lives and we look forward and have become so dependent on them. They go with us, entertain and inform us, update and assist in our work, track and manage our health so now it seems impossible to think of a life without them even for a single moment.

Google Chromecast – $35

This is a latest entry by Google; chromecast is a HDMI dongle/media hub for your TV. Plus it into HDMI port of your TV and it’ll stream Netflix, YouTube and Google Play videos as well you can stream videos from your chrome browser. Wait for more services to be launched by Google.

Kindle – $139

This e-book reader by Amazon is a must have for book lovers and readers. This e-book has wireless connectivity to let users shop for, download, browse and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital media.

Apple MacBook or MacBook Air – $1500

Any product developed by Apple is a thing of desire for millions of people. The Apple Macbook Air is one of them, it is faster, powerful and incredibly think and light.

Logitech Harmony one – $153 -$300

This is a device which can control almost every electronic home entertainment device. This colour touch screen with sculpted keys, well organised logically with backlighting is a easy one-touch access to your home entertainment. You can even use it in the dark, with a single touch you are watching a DVD channel or your favourite TV show or listening to songs. It supports 5,000 brands and easily rechargeable without getting to worry about replacing the batteries.

ipad -Air & Mini 2 – $350- $475

The latest edition of ipad is ipad Air and ipad mini. ipad Air is the fastest ipad, with a high resolution screen and the fastest version of Apples’ A 7 processor. Even ipad mini 2 has the same A7 processor including a Retina display.

Oculus Rift – $300 for development kit (not yet for consumers) MSRP

With the change in gaming technology virtual gaming was everyone wishing for but with Oculus Rift gaming headset this use of virtual reality technology seem to have been achieved. This gaming handset puts you “in” a game offering you a different level of experience and excitement.

Currently this headset is not for everyone and is only being shipped to gaming companies and game testers. Final launch dates are still awaited but when it’ll be launched this VR headset, which tracks head movements to give you a full virtual world view in full 3D and is a must for every game.

Pebble Smart watch-$150

There is lot of competition in the smart watch segment currently with the launch of many smart watches by various gadget co’s however Pebble smart watch still leads the race. It has a simple and cool design which works with Android as well as iOS. So, it does majority of your smart phone functions when your phone is not around.

With so much to offer to us all we can sum is now these gadgets don’t just live with us but we can say they now live on us.