Today video games and particularly online games have gained prominence among children as well as adults. Adults too enjoy online games equally as children do. If you play online games, then you are going to enjoy this article, and if you don’t play, I guarantee that you would start loving video games after reading this article.  Here are few of the reasons why you should play games:

1: It makes you more social; it’s a common myth that playing video games makes one anti-social because you sit in a room and play games. it is completely wrong and it has been proven with researches that it does not affect one’s social life and even the guys who play violent games remain social and none of them have experienced any negative impacts.

2: it makes your brain bigger; Super Mario, the favorite game of any gamer, actually helps in growth in the areas of the brain responsible for strategic planning and spatial navigation and working performance. Studies have proven that  people who play Super Mario 64 have less chances of having diseases like schizophrenia and neurodegenerative disease.

3: action games improve your vision; do you enjoy games like Shooters, Alien hunter and Virtual cop?? Here is a good news for you i.e. it improves your eyesight and helps you to develop a sharp vision.  Researchers even say that future study of video games would help them to improve the way in which they treat eyesight problems. another improvement that can be made is your competitiveness if you will play casino games for example

4: it works on hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills: it is the most famous effect of playing video games. People who are fond of racing games must have experienced that in real life, also they have improved their driving skills.  This happens because while playing games, one has to cross many hurdles and reach the destination. It becomes the habit of the player in real life too, and hence it results in the better coordination of hands and eyes.

5: it slows the ageing process; it has been proven that online games are not only good for kids, but also for adults. There are various puzzle games that need the players to have a sharp mind, hence the adults who play these games are more likely to have a sharper brain. People above 40-45 should play this kind of games in order to stay away from  the ageing process.
Always remember you are never too old to play!!!